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How TAP works

We take the hard work out of workflow automation.

TAP has moved to Mitratech

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A few quick steps and you’re up and running – fast!

Centralized. Standardized. Optimized. Transparent. TAP has got you covered.

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) is designed from the ground up (or maybe we should say “the Cloud down”) for quick and easy adoption and integration, with none of the headaches of enterprise applications.

TAP combines intuitive drag-and-drop ease of use, seamless integration with existing system infrastructures, and scalability and customization to meet your exact needs and deliver powerful workflow automation ROI and benefits – in record time.

Simple & quick implementation

We huddle with you to understand your processes, and how the ThinkSmart Automation Platform can solve your challenges through customized workflow automation.

We walk you through how to design forms using simple drag-and-drop tools, or even import and convert your own forms.

We show you how to build workflows with ease using our intuitive interface, with nary a call to IT because there’s no programming necessary.

Voila! You publish your efficient new automated workflows in hours or days, not months or quarters, so you’re seeing immediate ROI.

Sit back and profit from centralized, optimized and transparent workflow management, version control, multi-platform data integration, audit trails and analytics, and more. Or jump back in and start automating other workflows!

Achieve Simple & quick implementation of improved workflows with the ThinkSmart automation platform (TAP)

“We have a phenomenal relationship with ThinkSmart: they care and they listen and they act. It’s amazing and makes our jobs at Yahoo Legal easier and better. How often do you get a tool that does just what you want and have the vendor asking what else they can do to improve – and then actually doing it?”

Jeff Franke
Former Senior Director of Global Legal Ops at Yahoo

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