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Electronic Signatures

For secure consent & approval.

Best-in-class e-signature solutions

Electronic signatures give organizations a simple way of indicating consent or approval on a digital document, and are also a legally acceptable way of signing a contract. That’s why TAP offers full integration with the most advanced and secure e-signature platforms around. So, you can rest easy knowing your forms and contracts are compliant, legally binding, and secure.

  • Manage the entire end-to-end e-signature process within a centralized, standardized and secure environment.
  • Signatures can be quickly and easily entered on any device at any time.
  • Easily capture multiple signatures in complex workflows in the exact order you decide.
  • Automated reminders make sure documents are getting signed on time.
  • Automatic archiving records every document and signature in a safe, centralized digital repository.

Adobe Sign

In adopting TAP, you’re automatically getting the benefit of embedding technology from Adobe, inventor of the PDF document format and Document Cloud, into your organization’s automated workflows. With Adobe Sign, TAP ensure you’re making that entire workflow experience as seamless and painless as possible, accelerating processes and eliminating errors every step of the way.

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Since e-signatures are such an integral feature of the digitally-empowered workplace, we’ve also partnered with DocuSign, the global standard in digital transaction management. With DocuSign, TAP adds even more functionality and security to your workflow automation deployments, combining the efficiency, ease and speed of TAP with the security and reliability of DocuSign. The result? Next-level DTM and automation benefits that’ll make a huge difference in your operations – and ROI.

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Secured Signing

Secured Signing

Because we know that security is the cornerstone of trust, we have partnered with Secured Signing to offer the highest level of secured signing to our customers. Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and compliant Software as a Service platform that utilizes the secure and personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and enables the customization of a full range of eForm and eSignature capabilities.

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