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TAP Benefits

ThinkSmart’s workflow automation platform pays off for everyone.

Check out the proven benefits TAP provides

These are just the obvious rewards you’ll get from using the ThinkSmart Automation Platform. To experience the entire range of benefits you can enjoy, set up a demo.


TAP is “transformational,” as one user puts it, saving “thousands of hours” of staff time while reducing errors, delays and costs.


Workflows are getting published in hours or days, not months – and are completed in a fraction of the time of manual processes.


Teamwork, morale and even quality of work improve as workers are freed from the “pain of the mundane.”


Customers rave about our enthusiasm and partnership in helping them get the most out of TAP.

ROI that’s ASAP

By delivering benefits and efficiency from Day One, TAP starts paying off almost immediately for our customers.


Workflows, forms, assets, audit trails and more are trackable and accessible from a single secure source, even from mobile.


Enterprises using TAP find it scales as they grow, diversify, or encounter sudden workload spikes.


TAP users are happy they can customize it to meet to their organization’s precise needs, never vice-versa.


Developed with the help of top security experts and compliance managers, TAP meets the toughest security standards.


“The minute we started using it we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.”

Connie Brenton
Chief of Staff/Director of Legal Operations, NetApp