Meet TAP, Your Transaction Automation Platform

Automate workflow. Optimize business processes. Transform your business.

Smart Forms

From concept to design and implementation, you’re always in control.

Create any form you need in minutes. No programming required.

  • Simple drag and drop online form builder
  • Multiple form field types
  • Custom styles
  • Build conditional logic
  • Easy data integration
  • Define user access and permissions
  • Built-in e-signatures from Adobe Sign or DocuSign

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Smart Flow

Create and manage workflows for any business situation. Begin with a template or start from scratch and quickly save time and money across your organization.

  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Integrated with forms
  • Easily build logic and rules
  • Define permissions and security at any point in the workflow
  • Create custom notifications and alerts
  • Publish workflows to any location even, your own sites
  • Track workflow process through all stages
  • Integrated e-signatures at any stage along the workflow process

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Smart Data

TAP’s workflows seamlessly integrate data from across your organization.

  • Create or upload data tables in Excel
  • Manage relationships between data fields
  • Manage data in forms and workflows to centralize transactions
  • Integrate across internal and external systems
  • Build conditional logic

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Smart Analytics

Audit trails that live forever. With TAP, every transaction is tracked and managed.

  • Transparency across any business process
  • Custom dashboards with drill-down capability
  • Real time data updates
  • Reports delivered to your inbox
  • Multiple chart types, reporting interfaces, and custom views
  • Data export for offline reviews


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Smart Signatures

Seamlessly create secure transactions using TAP’s integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign.

  • Add eSignatures to any workflow stage
  • Initiate eSign actions and view signature status
  • Manage multiple signers
  • Sign documents anywhere, anytime

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