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Meet TAP

Meet TAP

Our automation platform.

Meet TAP

Workflow automation that’s proven in practice.

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) is delivering proven workflow automation benefits for some very demanding organizations. Why not yours?

Learn how TAP lets you quickly and easily automate any mundane business process, while rewarding you with exceptional ROI. So you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



Workflow automation that’s proven in practice.

Design forms effortlessly

TAP workflow automation lets you create any form in just minutes with no coding or IT support required, thanks to our intuitive, drag-and-drop form builder. Import existing forms, build new ones, embed conditional logic, use multiple form field types, integrate e-signatures and more.

Build faster workflows faster

Whether starting from scratch or using a pre-built template, you’ll assemble even complex workflows with supercharged efficiency. Deftly define logic and rules, automate routings, set permissions, create custom notifications, then publish workflows to any location you pick. Then watch them run in a fraction of the time of manual processes.

Customize & scale to your needs

TAP can be completely customized to your precise needs and fine-tuned in real time, unlike many enterprise platforms. Its scalability means you can quickly meet any sudden spikes in demand – and keep pace with growth.

Standardize documents & processes

Drive immediate ROI by standardizing routine documents, forms and workflows. TAP lets you enforce consistency in filings, routings, approvals, archiving or any other part of a process. Even as you abolish redundancy, waste, mistakes and delays. And paper cuts.

Customize & scale to your needs. Standardize documents & processes.

with ThinkSmart

without ThinkSmart

Cloud? On-prem? Hybrid? You decide

Want platform flexibility? You’ve got it: TAP can be deployed to work in whatever configuration best fits your organization. Whether that’s on premise, in the Cloud, in a Multi-Cloud (Amazon or Azure) configuration or as a hybrid, you’ve got options for how you put TAP to work.

Painless integration & deployment

TAP deploys quickly, including on mobile devices. It integrates smoothly with your existing IT infrastructure and software APIs, with no “rip-and-replace” required. So you’ll be up and running quickly, leveraging your existing data and resources, while avoiding any pesky adoption hiccups.

Augment audits & analytics

Enjoy audit trails that live forever: with TAP, every workflow is automatically archived, promoting transparency and accountability across the enterprise. Custom dashboards and visualization tools let you drill for insights, real-time updates keep you on top of workflow performance, and customizable reports get sent to your inbox or exported for offline review.

Accelerate content

Workflow automation for content creation and delivery means you’re gaining agility while ensuring governance, compliance and quality control. With TAP, people can access and work with content no matter where it – or they – are located. Ensuring efficiency, compliance and quality control.

Augment audits & analytics. Accelerate content.
AdobeSign, APPTUS, DocuSign, workday

Integrate e-signatures

Enjoy easy and secure approvals and signoffs, thanks to end-to-end integration with e-signature providers Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Add e-signatures at any workflow stage, view signature status, manage multiple signers, securely store documents in an e-signature repository and more.

Team TAP with other apps

From Apptus to Workday, TAP workflow automation plays nicely with an ever-growing list of enterprise applications. Even if your favorite isn’t included (yet!), our eager-to-please customer support team may be able to customize an integration that lets it and TAP work smartly together.