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  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Application Overview

    The TAP overview will introduce you to what the Thinksmart Automation Platform is, and how we can initiate workflows as well as a sneak peek into the design tool, which is where workflows are built.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Attachments and Instructions (Stage Level)

    This tutorial will teach the end user how to leverage the stage attachments and instructions and will guide the user as to how to set up this feature within the Design tool.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Headers and Custom Text

    The most basic control types added to a webform can be the Headers and Custom text. This tutorial just highlights some of the use cases of these features.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Stages and Relationships

    Learn how to set up and leverage the workflow stages as well as associates relationships. We'll show you the functions that can be form on each component.