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  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Attachments and Instructions (Stage Level)

    This tutorial will teach the end user how to leverage the stage attachments and instructions and will guide the user as to how to set up this feature within the Design tool.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Auto Skips and Auto Submit

    Auto Skip and Auto Submit features within the Designer are valuable fields when one needs to move through stages if no action is taken on a stage in a specific time or if certain parameters/conditions are met. Learn the difference between the two features and get guidance as to when you would use each feature.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Building a simple workflow

    Learn how to quickly and easily set up the basics within TAP so that you can build and run a simple multi-step workflow. Once you have viewed this tutorial, you should be able to navigate to the Design tool, use basic control types to build a webform, and drag and drop stages to associate a process with your webform.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform


    Learn how to build conditions with associated control types. Leverage conditions at the stage level to show and hide fields, or at the relationship level with the Designer to move workflows down specific paths.

  • ThinkSmart Automation Platform

    Workflow Records

    Once a user has set up a corresponding Record Field from with the control type, a user will be able to start leveraging existing metadata from previously run workflows in meaningful ways within the webform. This tutorial will talk about about one can create those connections within the Designer after the appropriate control type is set up.