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A True TAP Use Case: Marketing Portal

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A True TAP Use Case: Marketing Portal

Many organizations need central marketing portals where field sales and marketing teams, franchisees, agencies or other stakeholders can create and access advertising and communications materials, such as ads, posters, collateral and more.

Many vendors offering attractive-looking portal implementations, but it’s not enough. A marketing portal needs to integrate efficient workflows that empower users to access it easily, and materials to be updated and monitored quickly. It shouldn’t demand IT intervention, can integrate with multiple other systems, and features a single dashboard with robust analytics.

For an enterprise in highly-regulated sectors like insurance, finance or healthcare, compliance and consistency in marketing materials are particularly crucial. Kelli Negro, head of marketing at ThinkSmart, once spent two years building a marketing portal for Charles Schwab. “It needed to service 1,500 field marketing requests per month. But it took a month to outline some of its workflows, even with a team of seven people. We can do the same with TAP in less than a month, and it works through a single dashboard, so you’re capable of detailed, real-time oversight and governance.”

The challenge?

Design workflows to support a central marketing portal where users can go to create and obtain advertising and communications materials such as ads, posters, collateral and more.

The solution?

  • Using TAP, online self-service forms are easily designed that guide users through the process of obtaining marketing support elements.
  • Forms are linked to marketing elements database/hosting site where users can select marketing support elements, then personalize and order them.
  • Submitting a request kicks off the workflow, which routes requests to appropriate gatekeepers for review, if necessary; multiple approval levels can be defined.
  • The workflow connects with your brand asset repository/customization system.
  • Brand consistency can be ensured via forms design and embedded business logic, and compliance issues can be automatically flagged for review.
  • For marketing departments, dashboards and workflows permit quick and easy updating and maintenance of all assets.
  • Automated reminders can ensure updating of materials and removal of outdated elements.
  • Workflows can integrate with an enterprise’s CRM, email, fulfillment, printing, shipping and payment processing platforms, whether in-house or third party.
  • Centralized dashboard permits oversight of all marketing portal workflows and activities.
  • Automatic archiving of workflows allows detailed auditing and compliance review.

The benefits?

  • Supports efficient, automated marketing support processes while streamlining them and reducing costs.
  • Multiple workflows and processes can be built in a fraction of the time of other platforms.
  • Frees marketing/creative personnel from mundane and time-consuming tasks.
  • Delays and errors are eliminated via workflow and form standardization.
  • Consistent and reliable collaboration and support between marketing departments and stakeholders enhances teamwork and morale.
  • Generates secure workflow audit record for transparency and governance purposes.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.