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Adverti­sing Fund Requests

Sales & Marketing Use Case


To build a workflow enterprises can use to manage requests for funds or budget adjustments for advertising campaigns and public relations programs.


  • Online self-service forms contain embedded business logic and prompts to steer requesters through the application process.
  • In TAP, these forms are easily designed and customizable to organization or situational need.
  • Submitting a request kicks off the workflow, which routes requests to the appropriate gatekeepers for review, such as marketing leads and/or finance personnel.
  • Approvals can be automated based on the type or size of request: Those below a certain dollar level or that meet other pre-set criteria may be automatically approved, while others are routed for review.
  • Other parameters (type of campaign, location, duration, etc.) can be defined to trigger auto-approval or review.
  • The number of reviewers depends on the type and size of the request.
  • Notifications alert the requester (and other designated parties) to request status at any defined stages.


  • Allows expedited request-and-review process, streamlining operations and reducing costs.
  • Generates secure workflow audit record for transparency and governance purposes.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.
  • Delays and errors are eliminated by automating notifications, document collection/routing and other steps.
  • Optimization of reviewer/gatekeeper time and attention: the workflow can engage them only when they’re absolutely needed.
  • More consistent and reliable communication, collaboration and team-building between the enterprise and external stakeholders, such as franchisees.
Client - United Healtcare

“Hands down, ThinkSmart is a joy to partner with, our business is very fluid and requires flexibility and speed to market. Tarryn and team have been fundamental in our recent project success.“

Emilio Estvan Velasco
United Healthcare