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Use Cases

TAP has moved to Mitratech

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Look through these examples of how TAP automation can free your sales and marketing teams from bottlenecks and accelerate their path to capturing more customers. Next step? Try our demo and learn to easily build your own!

Gifts & Entertainment Reimbursement

Workflow for processing requests for gifts and entertainment reimbursements for expenses incurred (e.g. taking a client out to dinner).


Advertising Fund Requests

Build a workflow enterprises can use to manage requests for funds or budget adjustments for advertising campaigns and public relations programs.


Marketing Portal

Design workflows to support a central marketing portal where users can go to create and obtain advertising and communications materials such as ads, posters, collateral and more.


New Demo Requests

Automate the process of capturing and scheduling requests for product or service demos.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Create workflows for automatically conducting customer satisfaction surveys to support sales and retention.


QBR Scheduling

Automate the process of initiating and scheduling quarterly business review meetings (QBRs) with customers.


Client - United Healtcare

“Hands down, ThinkSmart is a joy to partner with, our business is very fluid and requires flexibility and speed to market. Tarryn and team have been fundamental in our recent project success.“

Emilio Estvan Velasco
United Healthcare