Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) 2017-11-02T04:01:26+00:00

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

Legal Operations Use Case


Develop a workflow allowing users to make disclosures regarding the director, officer and advisory board positions that the Firm’s attorneys hold for any outside organizations, as well as any ownership interests the Firm’s attorneys may have in entities that are also Firm clients.


  • Standardized self-service forms are designed that capture complete and necessary information from a firm’s attorneys.
  • Once completed and submitted, these can be routed to the appropriate individuals for review.
  • Disclosure forms are also automatically centrally archived for security, audit and accessibility purposes, as needed.


  • Automating the process saves time and expedites the review process.
  • Centralized storage of disclosures allows for greater transparency/visibility for authorized parties.
  • Standardized disclosure forms ensure consistency in information solicited and processed.
Client - Yahoo!

“TAP is a cornerstone of our legal IT infrastructure.  It would be one of the first tools I’d implement if I were starting from scratch.  It’s transformational.”

Jeff Franke
Former Senior Director of Global Legal Operations, Yahoo