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Data Review & Decision Alerts

Information Technology Use Case


Develop an agile workflow triggered by specific data monitoring conditions or events.


  • TAP’s API, scripts and external API integration capabilities allow for custom data monitoring systems to initiate a workflow based on various conditions the user specifies.
  • These can range from standard processes to abnormal system alerts or incidents that may require diagnostics and reports.
  • Allows for circumstance-specific workflows to be initiated: A DoS attack threshold is exceeded, for example, triggering a site security workflow.
  • TAP can be configured to launch multi-part workflows, for example to obtain status checks/reports from IT personnel with different responsibility areas affected by a condition or event.
  • Automated notifications drive timely response from designated team members.
  • Inactivity alerts notify administrators if there’s been no activity or resolution after a specified time period; escalation notices can alert managers if actions or resolution are overdue.
  • Mobile access lets workflow participants access and act remotely.
  • Centralized dashboard allows management monitoring of all review/alert situation across the enterprise.
  • All workflow records, assets and documentation are centrally stored in a secure Cloud repository for later audit and analysis.


  • Provides for customizable, immediately-triggered workflows and alerts for any number of situations.
  • Minimizes downtime, security breaches or other issues by triggering immediate response, even from remote personnel.
  • Centralized monitoring drives real-time transparency and improved governance.
  • Post-incident analysis can be more comprehensive thanks to automatic archiving of workflow records and data.
Client - EA

“We are pleased with the flexibility of the TAP tool and how we can utilize it to meet our business needs.  The responsiveness of the ThinkSmart team and their readiness to come up with multiple options to solve each business challenge made this a great experience.”

Teresa Kong
Senior Credit Analyst/AR Supervisor, Electronic Arts