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Employee Sugges­tion Box

Human Resources Use Case


Create an online “employee suggestion box” and workflow for reviewing submissions.


  • Online self-service “suggestion box” form lets employees provide input/feedback.
  • Forms can capture as much detail as the organization deems necessary.
  • Intuitive form design and workflow design interfaces allow customization of the entire process to meet in-house mandates.
  • “Suggestions” are automatically routed for proper review by pertinent stakeholders.
  • Workflow tracking access can be opened up to let employees view the status of their submissions.
  • Automated notifications can be sent to employees to let them know their suggestion has been seen and is under consideration or has been approved for implementation.


  • Builds greater engagement between employees and the enterprise by allowing easy, seamless interactions.
  • Automated notifications build enterprise morale and collaboration by injecting visibility into the process.
  • HR accelerates the entire process, building goodwill with all stakeholders.
  • Workflows and all assets/documents are automatically archived in the Cloud for secure storage and audit accessibility.

“The minute we started using it we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.”

Fred O’Fiesh
Vice President, iNetHR