Value-Added Tax (VAT) Return Submission 2018-03-16T03:41:13+00:00

Value-Added Tax (VAT) Return Submi­ssion

Finance & Administration Use Case


Develop a workflow for European Union users to calculate VAT tax obligations.


  • Self-service forms can be easily designed using the TAP UI to allow clients to submit the right information for VAT calculation.
  • Workflows are customizable to meet exact business demands, no matter how complex.
  • The client’s VAT is calculated internally, and routed through appropriate internal gatekeepers for review and approval.
  • Upon final internal approval, the client can be automatically notified of their VAT obligations.
  • All workflow records, assets and documents are centrally stored in a secure Cloud repository.


  • Automatic notifications and alerts keep processes moving forward, and allow at-a-glance review of project status and deadlines.
  • Centralized, easy-to-read dashboards optimize billable time and identify inefficiencies.
  • Centralized secure archiving of all workflows, histories, assets and documents ensures compliance and headache-free audits.
  • Expedited, error-free processes drive improved client service and satisfaction levels.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.
Client - NetApp

“It allows us to automate incredibly manual processes, reduce email traffic, have an audit trail, and reduce the amount of time we need to spend training people on a particular process.”

Emily Tueben
Senior Legal Operations Manager, NetApp