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New Partner Onboar­ding

Finance & Administration Use Case


Design a workflow for an HR/Finance team to onboard new partners that sign on with their company.


  • A workflow that expedites review, approval, and fulfillment for all participants.
  • Using a self-service online form, the submitter provides the basic information of the new partner.
  • The new partner automatically receives a host of different due diligence checklists to complete before they can be registered as an official partner of the company.
  • Checklists can then be routed for review/approval to the proper parties.


  • Automating the process delivers an error-free process and faster response to applicants.
  • Standardization of forms and workflow enables consistency across all similar situations.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.
Client - NetApp

“It allows us to automate incredibly manual processes, reduce email traffic, have an audit trail, and reduce the amount of time we need to spend training people on a particular process.”

Emily Tueben
Senior Legal Operations Manager, NetApp