Solutions for Procurement

Manage your procurement process just like any other approval process. With custom workflow designs you can develop multiple workflow templates, equipping the business with streamlined processes, management and control of vendors, and faster, compliance-based contract implementation.


Features and Benefits

Procurement Process Automation - Faster contract signingComplete Contracts Faster

Accelerate contract implementation life cycles while mitigating risk and reducing costs with custom workflows and integrated e-signatures.

Procurement Process Automation - Manage SuppliersSupplier Management

Manage internal and external stakeholders in collaborative, approvals based processes.


Procurement Process Automation - Automated Statements of WorkStatements of Work

Combine relevant template selection with accurate data merging and e-signature integration for seamless reliable business process.


Procurement Process Automation - Controlled Approval ProcessesApproval Processes

Remove paper from your approval processes by moving to a fully automated online application. Shift documents, content, and tasks amongst stakeholders with alerts, notifications, and a transparent audit trail.


Procurement Process Automation - Automated Contract Lifecycle ManagementContract Management

Manage contracts in an effective online Contract  Workbench with integrated documents, tasks, and e-signatures.