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Build powerful online applications that move your organization towards digital transaction automation. With our simple point and click design tools and without ever writing a single line of code, you can be up and running in no time. Call us for pricing tailored to your business – 1.855.489.7980.


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Optimize your business quickly with smart forms and integrated electronic signatures.

  • Shared best practice templates
  • Company branding
  • Centralized document repository
  • Template management
  • Automatic PDF population and merge
  • Design and implement unlimited forms
  • Manage unlimited data sources
  • Electronic signature integration – all features


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Plans to meet your needs.

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Automated business processes maximize efficiency in a centralized compliant platform. 

  • Shared best practice templates
  • Company branding
  • Centralized document repository
  • Template management
  • Automatic PDF population and merge
  • Design and implement unlimited forms
  • Design and implement unlimited workflows
  • Manage unlimited data sources
  • API integrations
  • Single Sign On
  • Custom enhancements
  • Electronic signature integration – all features
  • Dedicated account management

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Documents and Forms

Manage documents and templates from a centralized online repository. Design sophisticated online forms containing any type of form field with smart conditional logic. Integration of forms with data sources and electronic signatures creates a truly seamless final result which is easily published to your portal for access by relevant stakeholders.

Features Quickflow Enterprise
Centralized online document repository
Manage document templates  
Design intelligent online forms
No limit to number of online forms
Sophisticated conditional logic
Integration of data sources  
Automated field merging    
Add e-signature logic and workflows  

Business Automation Workflows

Combine forms, workflows, data and electronic signatures for true transaction automation. Our simple workflow design tools enable you with the power to build and publish simple to complex workflows in minutes.

Design workflows in a drag and drop browser interface
Include sophisticated forms
Begin with pre-defined workflow templates
Define complex conditional logic
Define roles and permissions to stages, forms or fields
Approvals across internal and external stakeholders  
Embed workflows directly into your sites  
Manage alerts and notifications  
Take actions from email notifications  
Attach electronic signature features at any workflow stage  
Tracking and auditing of all workflow activities  

Data Source Integration

Manage multiple data sources and integrate them to forms and workflows. Control security, permission and document mapping at the data item level. Manage data relationships and conditional logic between data sources.

Create and manage multiple data sources  
Create data source relationships  
Integrate data sources with forms  
Integrate data sources with workflows
SSO integration to your environment  $ $
Custom API integrations $

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are the final step completing the automation cycle. We partner with best of breed electronic signature solutions and bring you the full feature sets of your choice provider.

Flexible signing options  
Dynamic PDF creation  
Integrated workflows  
Integrated approval processing  
Batch signing
Sign by email
Sign on any device
Multiple authentication options
Dynamic audit trail generation

Dedicated Account Management

With dedicated account management we understand your business from a multi-faceted approach and provide you the best service possible.

Dedicated account manager
Custom portal enhancements
Professional services options
Customer support  

$ Additional fees may apply. Subscription subject to reasonable use policy outlined in TAP Terms of Service.
*Electronic signature features subject to provider account status
Based on client requirements, minimums may apply.