ThinkSmart Adds Real-Time Collaboration Features to Enable Government and Enterprise to Tackle Complex Workflows with Increased Efficiency and Visibility 2017-12-06T09:14:28+00:00

ThinkSmart Adds Real-Time Collaboration Features to Enable Government and Enterprise to Tackle Complex Workflows with Increased Efficiency and Visibility

New Release Also Features Conditional Form Text with Multi-Lingual Support for Organizations Serving Users in Multiple Languages

Sacramento, Calif. – Dec. 6, 2017 ThinkSmart, a leading provider of Business Process and Workflow Automation software and solutions, today launched new features to the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) that enhance collaboration capabilities, fusing structured workflow and flexible content collaboration into one. The ability to seamlessly transition from a structured, event-driven workflow, to an open collaboration environment and back, is a game changer for organizations looking to automate complex, fluid processes.

“As more companies and government agencies use our technology, the more capabilities they need,” said Dillon Knowlton, ThinkSmart product manager. “That’s why we continue to innovate so our customers can rely on TAP to tackle complex workflows so they can focus on other more important work.”

The following collaboration capabilities are part of TAP’s new release:

Real-Time Collaboration

  • A group of users can now indefinitely edit workflow data fields and file attachments until the edits are complete, without the need to drive the workflow through an editing loop or a structured path. Edits are visible in real-time to other participants in the workflow, ensuring all of the workflow participants are on the same page.

Invite Users through Comments in Real-time

  • When collaborating within a workflow, users now have the ability to invite relevant participants in real-time, without needing to define the full group from inception. In the comments section, users can now simply invite others to the workflow by mentioning their name or email in a comment

Collaboration Group Management

  • Workflow collaboration can be unstructured, but admin controls are now available to manage the collaboration group, control member access and abilities, and to push the workflow forward.

Manage Notification Subscriptions

  • Users are given full control over which notifications they are sent for a given collaboration step. As notifications can sometimes be overwhelming, users have the ability to unsubscribe from all notifications for a given workflow, or to decide at a granular level which notifications they would like to receive.

Full Audit Trail of Collaboration Activities

  • All working changes made to a collaboration stage (files, comments, form updates) are tracked in a second layer of the audit trail, allowing for full visibility into the details of the collaboration process.

“We just started testing the new features and are already feeling a boost in productivity,” said Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO, Keesal, Young & Logan. “The collaboration stage option in particular is beneficial to legal teams, who often need flexibility in a particular stage of even the most structured workflow.  We’ve also found that being able to @someone and bring in new collaborators on the fly has made collaborating easier than ever.”

As part of its latest release, ThinkSmart also added conditional form text functionality, which gives form designers the ability to easily create processes with multi-language support, a huge benefit for government organizations serving constituents in multiple languages. Users of the form will see the form field labels and instructions dynamically update based on their language selection.

Additionally, the company made a number of updates to its workflow capabilities, further enhancing the ease in which users can create and support complex workflows. Updates include more conditional workflow permissions, world currency support and validation, and enhanced word document generation capabilities.

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