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Keesal, Young & Logan Expands Strategic Partnership with ThinkSmart to Help Clients Transform Legal Operations

New York, NY – Jan. 29, 2017  – Today, international law firm Keesal, Young & Logan (KYL) announced they are expanding their current relationship with leading legal workflow automation provider ThinkSmart. Their aim? To help a greater number of legal professionals quickly implement standardization and compliance across a wide range of legal processes, starting with KYL’s own clients.

The legal industry is riddled with a multitude of repetitive manual tasks that impede productivity by creating errors and by diverting resources that could be allocated more effectively. It’s these types of recurring processes that are a drag on a legal team’s ability to effectively serve its clients, and legal operations experts have spent years searching for ways to optimize them.

KYL was already benefited from implementing the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) within the firm, automating workflows and creating efficiencies across the organization. Now in collaboration with ThinkSmart, KYL will be taking this one step further by introducing TAP workflows more readily to client legal teams.

The two companies are combining their experience to date in leveraging workflow automation on behalf of legal clients. They’re using these insights to design and deliver a suite of standardized workflow automation solutions to help their clients’ own in-house legal teams easily integrate automation into their existing processes, sparing them the need for costly and time-consuming IT involvement.

“ThinkSmart gives us a platform to launch strategic workflow transformation initiatives in the firm and on behalf of our clients,” said Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO at KYL. “KYL’s TAP development team is working with ThinkSmart and the firm’s attorneys to turn industry and legal knowledge into common workflows that can be customized as needed.”

KYL has initiated several collaborations with clients and vendor partners using TAP in the last year. The firm and its clients are starting to reap the rewards of increased efficiencies, more consistency and greater cost control, while freeing professionals from mundane tasks to focus on work that’s worthy of their expertise.

Client legal operations teams and the businesses they support are part of an increasingly complex “legal ecosystem” with an enormous number of workflows and processes. By installing standardized automated workflows, however, these organizations have seen significant savings in time and money, while freeing legal staff from mundane tasks to focus on work that’s worthy of their expertise.

“KYL is dedicated to driving innovation in the legal industry and is leveraging TAP to make it happen,” said Paul Hirner, ThinkSmart CEO. “In turn, ThinkSmart is dedicated to expanding our relationship as we explore ways to provide standardized workflow automation solutions to legal ops across the country and beyond.”

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