Automate any process and optimize your legal operations.


Quick wins with extreme ROI

Imagine being able to offer everyone in your company a single place to obtain and complete to full execution (with an electronic signature) a standard NDA–without ever having to contact Legal.  Imagine a solution that allows you to store, manage and process all standard NDA requests in one place.  A place where your users can get a simple NDA at any time—without ever having to involve a lawyer. A place where you are 100% certain that the right NDA is used for standard matters, and that the process you put in place, including signature authority requirements, is always followed. A place where you can see in real time the status of any NDA. A place that is standardized, scalable and secure.

Welcome to that place.

Self Service NDA - Quick wins with extreme ROI

Engage Your Stakeholders

From simple signature NDAs to more complex contracts requiring approvals and collaboration, your in-house and outside stakeholders are consistently engaged and collaborating


The Most Powerful NDA Solution. Flexible, Standardized, Compliant.

The Most Powerful NDA Solution. Flexible, Standardized, Compliant.

Innovation at your fingertips

ThinkSmart’s Automation Platform gives you all the tools you need to build automated processes of any type. Start with pre configured NDA templates or build from scratch. Either way your processes are immediately simplified, optimized and effective.


Access Anytime Anywhere

You’re in a car, you’re on a flight. You need to know the status of an approval, comment on a contract negotiation, nudge someone to take an action, or simply get a quick overview across the business. Our mobile apps give you instant anytime anywhere access so you’re always in the know and on top of your business.


Self Service NDA - Access Anytime Anywhere