Controlled Matter Management

Matter management can be a tricky business, fraught with risk, and requiring strict oversight and controls over content and data. Without a dedicated application to manage matter items things get messy fast. When things get messy you’re out of compliance and when you’re non-complaint, you incur risk that you most certainly don’t desire.


Features and Benefits

ico-Custom-Data-Entry-FormsCustom Data Entry Forms

Design and create as many custom forms as you need. Forms can be simple to complex and include data from multiple sources.


ico-Secure-SharingSecure Sharing

Share items between groups, departments or individuals exposing information only on a need to know basis.


ico-Visibility-TransparencyVisibility and Transparency

Track matter statuses in a transparent environment offering a variety of intuitive user interfaces.



Make changes or updates to items and forms at any time with a complete audit trail along the way.



Have access to items across departments in a centralized roles and permissions based application.


ico-Reporting-AnalyticsReporting and Analytics

Provide your stakeholders with reports and analytics in formats of their choosing.

Information Sheet