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Take Legal Operations Digital for High ROI via Compliance, Process Success, Efficiency & Scalability.



Driving efficiency and effective best practice solutions for CLOC members and corporate legal departments.



MSU School of Law includes ThinkSmart Automation Platform in its curriculum for legal professionals.



Keesal, Young & Logan and NetApp Improve Corporate
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Optimize. Automate. Centralize.

Imagine being able to offer everyone in your organization a single place for NDAs, Contract Management, Matters and more.  A solution that allows you to store, manage, and process important functions while improving your team’s productivity.  A place where you are 100% certain that the right process is used and that the best practices you put in place are always followed. A place where you can view in real time the status of any project. A place that has standardized, scalable and compliant processes.

Welcome to ThinkSmart’s Automation Platform.

Example Use Cases

TAP Features

TAP - Electronic Signatures, Your Enviroment

TAP Plays Well With Others

Our approach is that if your users don’t have a seamless experience then what’s the point. To create seamless processes we have pre-built default integrations that come standard with TAP.

These include leading e-signature providers (Docusign and Adobe Sign), SSO, CRM systems, contract management and eBilling solutions. And if that’s not enough our workflow designer includes a point and click API builder enabling you to quickly integrate with any application.

Access anytime, anywhere

You just walked out of the office. Your client sends you a contract to sign. It’s part of a multi-million dollar deal and the deal needs to close now, but it requires a few approvals first.

Not a problem. With our mobile app you get this done before the elevator gets to the ground floor.

Our mobile app give you instant anytime, anywhere access so you’re always in the know and on top of your business.

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I can’t say enough wonderful things about TAP as a solution and ThinkSmart as a company. It allows us to automate incredibly manual processes, reduce email traffic, have an audit trail, and reduce the amount of time we need to spend training people on a particular process. We are now confident that processes are followed consistently and properly because TAP is guiding the individual through the process each step of the way. The best part – you can configure each workflow yourself! You don’t need IT involvement, you don’t need to know how to code, you just need to know your process and you’re ready to go. As for the company ThinkSmart, they are the most wonderful group of people I’ve worked with. They truly care about your success, are incredibly intelligent and provide wonderful advice on how best to redesign your process, and are with you every step of the way.
Emily Teuben, NetApp
Awesome product ! The product itself is easy to learn and actually fun to work with. The product allows users to include powerful features, such as email approvals, conditional logic by stage, esignature functionality, prepopulation and data source mapping. And best of all, Thinksmart provides outstanding customer support and training.
Cecilia Yoshida, Yahoo!
TAP empowers us to quickly streamline and automate business processes that are complex, repetitive, or time consuming. Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services reduces the time it takes to get a document signed. Together, the possibilities are endless.
Yuka Tzavaras, Electronic Arts