Insurance Industry Solutions

In today’s consumer-centric marketplace the insurance industry faces multifaceted challenges stemming from increased competition, compliance and regulation.

Customer loyalty has always been notoriously difficult to instill and maintain in the insurance industry. Compared to traditional financial services, insurance has fewer opportunities to interact and build relationships with customers.

ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform (TAP) offers an array of tools and solutions that facilitate streamlined, efficiently delivered, personalized communications between insurers and customers, making every interaction count!

Key Features and Benefits

Savings and efficiency through policy & claim process management

  • ThinkSmart’s TAP technology supports, automates, and manages the end-to-end insurance policy lifecycle. Brokers and Advisors can create, manage approvals, and administer a central online location.
  • Process, document and e-Signature automation significantly reduces quote-to-close time, empowering your sales team to spend more time seeking and closing lucrative policies.

Increase data quality, improve operational efficiencies

  • Utilise smart forms to ensure accurate data capture
  • Eliminate the need for manual re-keying of duplicate information
  • Enforce document completion
  • Limit E&O’s, resulting in a decreased need for policy regeneration due to data entry errors

Gain a holistic view of your organizational activities

  • Interactive dashboards provide each user a real-time, personalized view of their individual activities and tasks, as well as a holistic view of activities across the organization as a whole
  • Executive dashboard metrics provide real time performance and operational actionable insights
  • A comprehensive, fully-searchable Policy/Contract Repository provides a single consolidated view of all sales and claims activities
  • Dashboard and repository views can be restricted at the organizational, departmental, agency, broker or coverage type level

Compliance & Regulatory Protocol Enforcement

  • Approval and process-driven workflows ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are adhered to
  • Full audit trail functionality provides complete visibility over every aspect of a user’s interaction with workflows and transactions