Digital transformation for healthcare.

Imagine being able to offer everyone in your healthcare system a single place for New Product Requests, Contract Management, Supply Chain Management and more.  A solution that allows you to store, manage, and process important functions while improving your team’s productivity.  A place where you are 100% certain that the right process is used and that the best practices you put in place are always followed. A place where you can view in real time the status of any project. A place that has standardized, scalable and compliant processes.

Welcome to ThinkSmart’s Automation Platform.

Healthcare Products

Healthcare Transformation - Automate any healthcare process with custom workflow and form builder.Build any Custom Business Process

Engage Physicians, Patients, and Providers

Engage your stakeholders along every step of the journey with ThinkSmart’s Automation Platform (TAP). Controlled processes with built-in collaboration features ensure stakeholder participation for notifications, approvals, voting and decision making. 


Automated processes in healthcare. Powerful forms, flexible workflow.

Powerful forms, flexible workflow

Innovation at your fingertips

ThinkSmart’s Automation Platform gives you all the tools you need to automate any processes in your healthcare organization. Notifications and alerts prompt your users to action while centralized work spaces ensure you always have visibility into what’s happening. Now you can focus on people instead of paperwork.


Access anytime, anywhere

You’re in a car. You’re on a flight. A surgeon just requested product parts for an urgent operation. If the parts aren’t approved quickly the patient could be in trouble. There’s no time to waste and compliance requires approvals and sign-off.  

Not a problem.

Our mobile app give you instant anytime, anywhere access so you’re always in the know and on top of your business.


Healthcare Transformation - Healthcare workflow automation - Access anytime, anywhere

SpendVu Value Management System. Healthcare contract and project management.“ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform is an incredibly easy to use product that allows users to build both simple and complex workflows. The tool is very sophisticated in how all pieces, such as data sources, form fields, metrics, and e-signature, work together. The real power in the product is the ability to create a form/workflow iteratively until a final version is reached. The Customer Success team is amazing, providing top-notch training after setup completed, and supplying excellent support after go-live.”

– Deana DelVecchio, Director of Operations