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Your Forms

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

Transform your team and your organization with automated workflows.

ThinkSmart Mobile allows you to create sophisticated forms and access to data like never before. With tracking and reporting across any data sets, your audit trails are securely stored and easily accessible.  Digital Transaction Management (DTM) software from ThinkSmart makes it possible to have transparency across your business functions at all times, and from any device.

ThinkSmart’s cloud-based workflow automation software is platform agnostic, and works with any legacy software. No ‘rip and replace’ required. Built for any operating system including Apple iOS or Android for mobile access anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise Transparency, Accessibility, Portability

Agile Workflow, Nimble Forms.

From Paper to Digital in One Simple Drag & Drop Step.

PDF to Browser

Simple, end to end integrations.

Unlimited integrations with popular business systems.

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