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Forms as a Service

Imagine: No more paper. A Digital Government.

A Paradigm Shift for Government

Gone are the days of the large legacy systems where waiting, waiting, waiting, is the order of the day. Now you can implement online forms in days and weeks – not months.

Call us – we’ll show you!

Form Builder

Build any form in minutes using simple drag and drop tools.

  • No programming, no coding.
  • Unlimited form field options.
  • Custom styles.
  • Mobile ready responsiveness.

PDF to Instant HTML5

Let our platform do the work for you. Simply drop a PDF onto the browser and the tools will convert the PDF to an elegant HTML5 form ready for use.


Simple or Complex. We have you covered.

  • Map fields.
  • Create if-this, then – that logic.
  • Auto-populate fields.
  • Validations
  • And lots more.


Seamlessly works with all your favorite applications with out of the box or custom integrations.