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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a workflow?

Really, what isn’t a workflow? Workflows are automated processes: we connect different tasks with different stakeholders and make sure that after one task is completed, the next is assigned. But we do more than send beautiful forms around – we integrate with Adobe Sign and DocuSign; we have out of the box integration with Salesforce. We connect people with tasks and make it oh-so-easy for them to get the job done.

What is TAP?

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP to its friends) is a Cloud-based solution for automating any mundane business process. If you’ve got a process in place, we’re here to help you digitize that process. TAP enables you and your teams to design, deploy, and build smart automated business processes and operations to transform your organization.

What are the benefits of automation?

First is the sigh of relief that comes from implementing TAP. Next is the gasp from seeing your immediate and astronomical ROI.

The sigh of relief isn’t small – your employees get their lives back when you deploy TAP workflows. With efficient, logic driven processes, tedium is totally removed; no time is spent poring through Outlook searching for files or spent sending perfunctory emails, since all emails, reminders, and documents for signature are sent automatically.

We transform the workplace and your employees in one go. We ensure that everything captured in a form is totally trackable and subject to reporting. We have analytics on every workflow. We error-proof our workflows to maximize efficiency while also driving your ROI.

How do you differ from your competitors?

It’s just so easy to deploy and use TAP. You don’t need any IT support and you don’t need a background in coding. You don’t even need a dedicated TAP specialist on your team. Our workflows are easy to build with simple, drag and drop technology that can tackle the most complicated processes.

Who should use TAP?

TAP can come to your aid no matter what business you are in. Anyone ready to reap the benefits of digital transformation, experience immediate ROI and increased proficiency, and who won’t accept manual processes that stymie innovation – these are our preferred customers.

Is TAP easy to use?

TAP is as easy as brownies in a box. We give you all of the ingredients, all the instructions, and pretty soon you have a delicious –we mean ROI-driving – workflow baked just the way you like.

TAP is great for administrators, who can take advantage of our drag-and-drop design tools to modify workflows on the fly or design the full processes from start to finish. For end users (all of your employees who will be assigned to tasks through TAP) it’s even easier: we can route notifications through their inbox, and they’ll never even need to know they’re using a new platform.

Is TAP SaaS?


Except! If you’re happier with an on-premise, Multi-Cloud or hybrid deployment, we can configure TAP that way, too. We’re eager to please.

What are the system requirements?

What even are system requirements? We aren’t installing anything if you’re using our SaaS configuration. As long as your browser isn’t from 1995, you can use TAP, no sweat.

How big are you? How many customers?

We are a growing company with offices in five countries and some of the biggest customers in the world. They include names like Facebook and Yahoo, and we work with government as well. The one thing our customers have in common is their belief that they can make their workplaces more efficient and more relaxed by implementing TAP.

How secure is TAP?

You can see for yourself at our Security and Trust page.

What out-of-the-box integrations do you have?

We have out-of-the-box integrations with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Apttus, to name a few – you can check out our growing list of our integrations.

What if I want to integrate TAP with something that is not currently out-of-the-box?

We’re the Switzerland of automation software. With our ThinkSmart API, we can custom integrate with anything and anyone out there, provided that the system has an API of its own.