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Enter The Next
Frontier in Legal Ops.

Learn more about the first true end-to-end ELM platform.

Your legal operations transformation can take a big step forward now that TeamConnect integrates TAP:

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP)

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) is a best-in-class workflow automation solution allowing users to quickly and easily automate any mundane business process, while delivering exceptional ROI. So people can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



TeamConnect is an end-to-end platform relied on by nearly 40% of the Fortune 500 to manage sensitive legal data and documents, integrate with legacy systems, automate processes, and provide a “single source of truth” for their legal departments.


Now, TeamConnect and TAP can truly bring people, processes, and information like never before. How? By using TAP’s easy-to-use workflow automation tools to extend TeamConnect capabilities across the entire enterprise.

9 ways TeamConnect and TAP will evolve your Legal Operations


By letting you leverage TeamConnect (and ELM) in innovative new ways.

TeamConnect and TAP both feature extraordinary flexibility, customizability, and adaptability. Combined, they’ll allow users to design their own perfect solutions to meet challenges or new opportunities.


By overcoming traditional ELM limitations.

Old-school ELM software only gave limited access to a few people, creating bottlenecks that dragged down responsiveness. With TAP, TeamConnect becomes the first-ever end-to-end ELM tool that can be extended throughout…


By proactively managing risk.

Today, as risks multiply, legal best practices and compliance need to be implemented everywhere. By connecting people and processes in agile, collaborative new ways, TeamConnect + TAP will puts your business in a position to mitigate risks before they occur.


By automatically archiving processes.

TeamConnect + TAP will automatically, securely archive workflows and attached assets and documents, preserving a perfect audit trail in case there’s ever a need to prove compliance.


By acceleration responsiveness and ROI.

With TAP, processes can be executed in as little as 1/20th the time as before, driving powerful ROI. Combined with TeamConnect, workflows everywhere can become both compliant and far quicker.


By controlling costs.

Accelerating processes and removing work hours is one way TeamConnect + TAP cuts costs. By reducing the possibility of human error, lost documents or assets, and delivering a blue-chip level of digital security and data protection, compliance penalties and the costs.


By managing outside counsel costs.

With TeamConnect + TAP, the huge volume of legal processes handed off to outside counsel not only be automated, but monitored and governed thanks to centralized dashboards. Legal operations leaders gain visibility and analytics-driven insight into how efficiently external legal resources perform.


By making you a strategic partner within the enterprise.

65% of in-house counsel now say they take part in strategic business decisions; TeamConnect + TAP equips your legal operations department to become a highly optimized and responsive resource, a primary innovation driver and hub of excellence for the entire enterprise.


By making digital transformation simple, easy, and painless.

TeamConnect + TAP are renowned for their reliability, ease of adoption and use, ROI, and world-class customer support. That makes them a safe, secure first step in transforming your legal operations so you become a profitable and innovative business leader.