The Power of  Workflow and Electronic Signatures Combined

Electronic signatures (e-signatures) represent a simple way of indicating consent or approval on a digital document. e-Signatures are a legally acceptable mechanism of signing a contract and provide added benefits by using technology to automate and track digital signatures. TAP extends and enhances the signing process by including business processes prior to, and after the signing experience.

With TAP you can manage the complete end to end workflow process in a centralized, standardized and secure environment.

We partner with the leaders in e-signature technology ensuring our clients can sleep at night in the knowledge that their contracts are compliant, legally binding and secure.

Electronic Signatures you trust from Adobe Sign. E-signatures.

When you sign up for our Transaction Automation Platform you automatically get the benefit of having the inventor of the PDF document, and Document Cloud, automatically embedded into your workflow processes. TAP together with Adobe Sign ensures totally seamless end to end automation of business processes. For more information about Adobe Sign services please click here.

“TAP empowers us to quickly streamline and automate business processes that are complex, repetitive, or time consuming. Adobe Sign Services reduces the time it takes to get a document signed. Together, the possibilities are endless.”

Yuka Tzavaras, Senior Manager, Legal Operations, Electronic Arts

Learn more about how ThinkSmart’s Platform extends Adobe’s enterprise eSign capability.

Electronic Signatures by DocuSign.

Electronic signatures form an integral step along the way to the digital future. That’s why we partnered with DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management. ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform together with DocuSign enables the next level of Digital Transaction Management.