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Agility via automation.

Workflow automation for technology companies & IT

TAP workflow automation for technology companies and IT can help your tech teams look like rockstars. How? By making workflows faster and more efficient while minimizing errors. That helps these teams do a better job of building integrations, servicing infrastructure, handling incidents and resolving issues.

SaaS ease of implementation

Contrary to what some might think, technology professionals don’t want to be fiddling with code or ripping-and-replacing when there’s a better solution available, like TAP. We integrate nicely with legacy systems and third-party platforms alike, whether through APIs or push-to-FTP functionality.

Intuitive design for forms and workflows

Our drag-and-drop design tools let you design powerful forms and even the most complex workflows with speed and ease. No need to mess with scripts and codes to achieve IT workflow automation: TAP makes it simple and straightforward to build documents and workflows, embed the rules and features you need, track performance and fine-tune everything for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Customize workflows for any support situation

With TAPWorkflow automation for technology companies and IT, you can set workflows to automatically launch based on network faults, ongoing maintenance tasks, service requests via self-service forms or other triggers. Automated notifications and routings ensure everyone is on the same page – whether meeting schedules or responding to sudden issues

Reduce costs, improve efficiency

By automating repeated activities, codifying best practices and proven methods, improving Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and other KPIs, and avoiding human errors, TAP reduces support and operational costs for your organization thanks to its best-in-class capabilities (and our outstanding customer support).

Track & report everything

With TAP, detailed audit trails can live forever in secure, Cloud-based central archiving, ready for review whenever it’s needed. Our complete analytics and reporting features ensure visibility and transparency, enabling technology leads to optimize workflow efficiencies on a continual basis.

Manage workflows anytime, anywhere

TAP practically sings on mobile, thanks to easy-peasy Android and iOS apps for tablets and smartphones alike. You can access, adjust and archive workflows wherever you are, whenever you need to do it.

Download a free copy of 10 Transformative Facts About SaaS Workflow Automation

Download a free copy of 10 Transformative Facts About SaaS Workflow Automation


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