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Proven performance for legal services.

Workflow automation for legal professionals

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) has delivered outstanding results for law firms and in-house legal departments alike. By applying workflow automation for legal professionals to repetitive processes, TAP shortens the time it takes to complete legal workflows, optimizes use of personnel, reduces errors and safeguards compliance. So TAP will be a boon to both your ROI and client service.

Build forms and documents quickly

With TAP’s intuitive, drag-and-drop browser interface, you’ll quickly create simple or complex forms featuring embedded business logic, custom fields, security controls and more. Or easily import your existing forms.

Easily design custom workflows

Automate any legal process with TAP’s drag-and-drop workflow designer so it’s a perfect fit for your requirements. Rapidly lay out routings, decide reviews and approvals, control roles and permissions, set custom alerts and notifications, integrate data sources and more.

Accelerate processes & savings

Adopting workflow automation for legal professionals with TAP speeds up processes, regardless of whether they’re simple or multi-participant/cross-departmental. ATAP-built NDA workflow can cut time-to-completion by 95%, making it 20X faster than a manual process while cutting 75% of the employee labor involved.

Optimize top talent

One study found that by preparing just three documents a week manually, a senior attorney could waste $1,350 per month in lost billable time. With TAP, senior personnel can use much more efficient digital documents. Plus, they’re only involved when needed at specified workflow stages.

Minimize waste and errors

Redundant tasks, lost documents and form or filing errors can be enormously costly, especially when they impact client service or compliance. By using TAP to deliver best-in-class workflow automation for legal professionals, you’ll reduce human errors and waste typical of paper-based workflows.

E-signature integration

TAP integrates Adobe Sign and DocuSign, ensuring secure approvals. One TAP customer saves $70,000 a week by streamlining its approval processes using TAP’s best-in-class e-signature features.That’s $3.6 MM a year in savings.

Ensure security and compliance

TAP can automatically (and economically) back up workflows and documents to secure, Cloud-based servers, so compliance tracking and disaster recovery is far easier than with physical archiving.

Deploy quickly, flexibly, and on any device

TAP is simple to adopt, with no programming or development necessary, and you can choose to use it as a Cloud, on-prem, Multi-Cloud or hybrid solution. Browser-based, TAP works on any device, from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Integrate with current systems

TAP integrates seamlessly with your existing and legacy systems, databases and other infrastructure. Beyond that, it works perfectly with leading contract management, SSO, CRM and e-billing solutions.

Best-in-class customer support

Our legal services customers rave about our expert customer support, and the enthusiasm, partnership and commitment we show in helping them get the most out of TAP.

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“We’ve been happy ever since we got involved with ThinkSmart.”

Justin Hectus
CIO / CISO at Keesal, Young & Logan

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