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Smarter forms, automated

A digital government needs forms & workflow automation

Automating government processes requires more than just scanning in existing forms. The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) lets you easily update and automate current documents and forms, customize workflows to free up time, reduce errors and offer both constituents and employees a faster, more efficient experience. Best of all, it’s completely compatible with any device, anytime.

Forms as a Service for Government

Build government forms in mere minutes, with no programming, no developers, and no IT involvement required. Whether it’s a 634 timecard, a standard contractor’s 213, or any other official or government form, you have complete flexibility and control.

  • Intuitive browser-based interfaces
  • Simple drag-and-drop form designer can be used by anyone
  • Add any field types
  • Control your look-and-feel with custom styles
  • Build “if-then” logic into forms
  • Ensure data validation and accuracy
  • Control access with security controls
  • Integrate your forms with other applications and government platforms
  • Take your team mobile with the TAP form app

Workflow Automation for Government Forms

TAP’s design tools let you quickly automate any organizational process, reducing errors and increasing efficiency every step along the way. TAP helps you ensure stakeholders are using the proper government forms, and uses custom notifications, alerts and reminders to prompt them to complete their tasks in timely manner. And centralized dashboards give you transparency across every process in your organization.

  • Simple drag-and-drop design interface
  • Integrates with your government (or other) forms
  • Easily-built “if-then” logic
  • Route reviews and approvals to the right people
  • Centralize documents, cases and other transactions
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Prompt users with custom notifications, alerts and reminders
  • Initiate workflow from anywhere, anytime
  • Access workflows, forms and more from mobile devices
  • Track workflow process through all stages
  • Design repeatable standard processes
  • Maintain compliance with data validation and audit trails that live forever

Electronic Signatures for Government Forms

Close integration with top e-signature features from Adobe and DocuSign ensures true end-to-end approval and signoffs processing for TAP workflows. From government forms submission through reviews, approvals, and signatures, your constituents, stakeholders and workers all get to enjoy a convenient and pleasant experience.

  • Add e-signatures to any government workflow stage
  • Initiate e-sign actions and view signature status
  • Manage multiple signers across all government branches or departments
  • Use automated notifications to obtain prompt signatures
  • Forms or documents can be signed on mobile devices
  • Other TAP integrations offer multiple options for expanded functionality
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