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Financial Services

Gain control, security & compliance.

Workflow automation with big dividends for financial services

The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) allows you to effortlessly collect and process client data for any type of financial transaction. TAP excels at managing this critical data and designating it to either internal or external parties, while complying with stringent security and compliance measures. That takes a load off your mind…and creates immediate efficiency and ROI.


Collect information seamlessly and allow any TAP user to initiate workflows and automated processes through a guided experience. You’ll eliminate the need for lengthy in-person meetings and enable straight-through processing, thus reducing operating costs. Within minutes, TAP lets you set up new accounts, expedite the lending process and offer a superior customer service experience.

Wealth Management and Title Agencies

TAP allows users to create new accounts and maintain proper control of records by promoting policy management. Multiple agents and agencies can collaborate through a single interface to promote granular visibility across your company.

Financial Departments

Drastically cut the time it takes to manage cumbersome financial processes by improving internal document management procedures with TAP. Streamline your audit, SOX and HIPPA compliance processes with easy-to-follow rules.

Eliminate tasks involving paper documents. Send periodic automated reminders to clients to ensure completion of workflow cycles, which can range from payment extensions to transfers of funds or simple credit card applications.

Download a free copy of 10 Transformative Facts About SaaS Workflow Automation

Download a free copy of 10 Transformative Facts About SaaS Workflow Automation


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