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“It’s Transformational.”

How Yahoo Legal and ThinkSmart teamed up to automate Legal Ops workflows on a global scale.



Yahoo Legal had more than 150 legal professionals addressing 30+ areas of the law on a 24/7 basis for a truly global corporation, with thousands of vital legal ops workflows and processes underway at any given moment.

The Challenge?

They wanted a workflow automation solution that could save time, reduce friction, drive corporate compliance, ensure visibility and allow for auditing actions.

“We needed a business automation solution that was flexible and had a light footprint,” explains Jeff Franke, Senior Director of Legal Operations at Yahoo.. “It’s essential that my team use and manage the platform with near zero support. And we needed a solution that was Cloud-based.”

The Solution

Yahoo Legal turned to TAP, seeing it would let them implement workflows quickly while reducing the need to involve its lawyers in any number of processes. Working side-by-side with ThinkSmart, they created a development roadmap for customizing TAP to their exact needs.

“TAP lets us automate any process in any area, whether it’s HR, Finance, or Sales. This is a very powerful way to improve efficiency and reduce costs,” says Jeff Franke.

The Benefits

  • TAP’s ease of adoption and simplicity of use meant Yahoo Legal could begin automating workflows immediately after launch.
  • TAP allows addition of workflow-related notes that can be modified without impacting the auditability of requests and approvals, helping with SOX compliance.
  • Automates spend approval processes for engaging outside counsel, from identifying legal matters to creating budgets and accessing approvals.
  • Powers a global NDA portal using TAP covering 20+ countries and leveraging Chinese characters, used by hundreds of employees annually while freeing lawyers and paralegals from costly involvement in in hundreds of transactions.