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Keesal, Young & Logan

“It’s Real-Time and Very Robust.”

When Keesal, Young & Logan wanted a Legal Ops workflow automation solution, they turned to TAP.



The CIO of a boutique litigation powerhouse, seeking to optimize delivery of services to clients, turned to improvement of legal processes. Instead of custom app development, he tried ThinkSmart Transaction Automation Platform (TAP) to standardize new work Intake.

The Challenge?

Much corporate legal work today is disaggregated and spread across multiple outside firms. Handling it efficiently requires smooth interactions in every step of the way in the legal ecosystem, and maximum efficiency to complete key processes and reduce cost and risk.

Keesal, Young & Logan wanted a workflow automation solution that could save time, reduce friction, drive corporate compliance, ensure visibility and allow for auditing actions.

“Today, clients want more than just great lawyering. They expect their outside counsel to invest in the tools and technology to support efficiency, quality and consistency,” says Justin Hectus, CIO & CISO at KYL.

The Solution

“I spent a couple of hours per day on it (TAP), for several days,” Justin Hectus explains, “and obtained help from ThinkSmart for only the final 20 percent. By contrast, it typically takes several months to develop one single-purpose app using traditional programming methods or other applications.”

Hectus compared building a workflow in TAP to creating a mockup on a graphics program. “When you place a new element on-screen in TAP, the workflow is immediately programmed on the back end. It’s real-time and very robust.”

Hectus organized KYL’s New Work Intake process as a hub which draws data from other internal systems. Several data silos are now effectively linked, including eDiscovery, conflict of interest management, e-signature, CRM, budgeting and pricing, accounting and billing, docketing, and others. “The integration into TAP was straightforward and rapid to implement,” Hectus says.

The Benefits

  • TAP’s ease of adoption and simplicity of use meant KYL could begin automating workflows immediately after launch.
  • TAP, using a single database and environment, brought standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance. “This easily configurable platform ,” explains Hectus, “can replace the effort to program a wide variety of our applications, and moreover, unify all their data into one central repository.”
  • It spurs process improvements and collaboration: as Hectus found, a workflow is not finished the first time it is mapped out, and this has unexpected benefits. “When stakeholders see their process graphically in TAP, it can trigger breakthrough realizations of how the process can operate more efficiently. That allows interaction on the spot to revise and improve the workflow.”


“TAP has the power to connect people and instill a shared sense of possibility.  I’ve seen that unfold in our firm, with clients and throughout the legal ecosystem.  ThinkSmart-fueled conversations create possibilities before anyone even touches the software – tapping into the curious optimism that brings out the best in all of us.”

Justin Hectus
CIO & CISO at Keesal, Young & Logan