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Congratulating Connie Brenton: Media Praise for NetApp Legal Ops

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Congratulating Connie Brenton: Media Praise for NetApp Legal Ops

In seizing the opportunity presented by legal workflow automation, transformation demands leadership. No one has taken the lead more resolutely than Connie Brenton, acting as both NetApp’s chief of staff and senior director of legal operations and as president and CEO of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).

Proof of that comes on two fronts. First, Connie and her team at NetApp have been recognized as one of the “2017 Legal Departments of the Year, Legal Operations, Large Companies” by The Recorder, the leading industry online journal that’s a publication of Law.com. As their article put it,

This past year, the legal team at NetApp Inc., found itself tackling a challenge that in-house lawyers at many companies must grapple with —a growing number of legal matters to manage, without a corresponding increase in budget or headcount. But few have approached the problem with such aplomb or had as much success in solving it.

Photo - Connie BrentonTheir approach included creating a Global Legal Shared Services team, taking advantage of technology like workflow automation to develop self-service processes, creating metrics and goals for every level of process, and evaluating performance using an updated legal processes dashboard to monitor Operations, Contract Services, Continuing Education and Compliance.

In short, driving a digital transformation of Legal Ops resulting in impressive results. In one case, NetApp’s new shared services model allowed them to cut the time spent on one process by 85%.

As NetApp’s workflow automation platform provider, we’re particularly grateful to have been part of that transformation. It’s a model for how any large-scale Legal Ops department can evolve itself. The first step, as we’re sure Connie would tell you – and has, more importantly, demonstrated by example – is to step up in the first place and commit to moving forward.

CLOC’s new survey of the legal industry

Connie’s advocacy of new technologies and solutions for the legal industry extends, of course, into her role at CLOC. That group’s ongoing commitment to optimizing the delivery of legal services to businesses has been a big draw for corporate legal department leaders and law firm CIOs working to bring a more efficient, data-driven approach to Legal Operations practices.

It’s exemplified by the resources CLOC provides to the legal community. Such as its new report, the 2017 State of the Industry Survey.

CLOC 2017 State of the Industry Survey

The survey, which touched base with 156 organizations from 30 states in over 30 industries, and included 11% of the Fortune 500 among its respondents, delivered some eye-opening insights, like:

  • Nearly half of the responding companies had no contract management system in place.
  • 83% of them, though, used an eBilling system.
  • Biotech firms spend up to twice as much on legal costs as tech companies, and almost five times as much as manufacturing and energy companies.

There’s much more to learn between its covers, so we’d advise you to review the report for yourself.

If you’re not already involved with CLOC, you should learn more about how leaders like Connie, Mary Shen O’Carroll, Jeff Franke and others are empowering legal professionals to transform how their practices and departments for the better.

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