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Our Team

An eclectic team. A unifying vision.

We’re absolutely dedicated to our customers

That shines through in what customers say about us. According to them? Our people, from the top on down, do a pretty good job of making workflow automation pay off for them.

Maybe it’s because we’ve got such an eclectic team. We’re not a typical Silicon Valley startup stocked to the rafters with MBAs from all the suspect schools. Everyone at ThinkSmart brings their very unique strengths and inventive perspectives to bear on a single mission, though: Finding innovative solutions to customer problems.

Who would have guessed that an Olympic karate competitor, a triathlete, a reformed dentist, a certified EMT and a bunch of Middlebury graduates could build such an amazing place to come to work?

Paul Hirner | CEO

Paul Hirner


As the founder and CEO, Paul leads the highly innovative ThinkSmart team to enable clients to go completely digital with their business processes. ThinkSmart’s primary goal is to provide the solution and tools to empower organizations to optimize, automate and realize savings. The company believes strongly in Digital Transaction Management and is one of the innovators endorsing the initiative for xDTM Standards.

Michael Concannon | Executive WP

Michael Concannon

Executive VP

Michael leads ThinkSmart’s engineering, operations and security teams ensuring reliability and success for ThinkSmart clients. Michael began his career in software at Kaiser Permanente and Deloitte Consulting, where he ran multiple large scale software development and implementation projects, specializing in data driven application development.

Christina O’ Connell | General Manager, EMEA

Christina O’ Connell

General Manager, EMEA

As Program Director and General Manager for ThinkSmart’s International Operations, Christina is responsible for the implementation, operation, and support of the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP), as well as for the continued global expansion of ThinkSmart.  She oversees multiple client implementation efforts, works closely with technical teams and drives success.

Scott Jenkins | COO

Scott Jenkins


Scott joined the ThinkSmart team in 2013 as an advisor prior to coming on-board as COO. Scott brings experience of international finance and operations gained from over 20 years in technology. Originally from the UK, Scott gained a degree in Biotechnology before moving into finance with Hitachi, Sony followed by a number of high growth software product and service companies.

Kelli Negro

Kelli Negro

Head of Marketing

Kelli leads Marketing at ThinkSmart. She spent over 10 years working as a strategic marketing consultant for technology, financial services and other Fortune 500 companies including Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo Bank, Apollo Group and HP. She also ran consumer and enterprise marketing for Financial Engines, directed PR activities for Apple’s hardware, software and educational departments, and served as a worldwide brand manager for UbiSoft.

Troy Bare | VP of Sales-Public Sector

Troy Bare

VP of Sales-Public Sector

As ThinkSmart’s VP of Sales, Troy Bare focuses on helping public sector organizations deploy digital transformation solutions that will improve how they interface with their various constituencies. He has deep experience in creating sales opportunities for enterprise solutions and navigating government procurement processes. He has worked for several major technology organizations including EMC, Oracle, and Adobe Systems.

David O’ Connell | Chief Information Officer

David O’ Connell

Chief Information Officer

David leads ThinkSmart’s Information Security team specializing in executing and managing information technology risk consulting engagements. His expertise includes evaluating the risks and controls related to managing ThinkSmart’s enterprise-wide technical processes, performing detailed security assessments, and implementing business continuity solutions.

Dillon Knowlton | Product Manager

Dillon Knowlton

Product Manager

Dillon heads up Product Management at ThinkSmart and is responsible for planning and overseeing feature development, as well as managing the product roadmap. Dillon excels in finding creative ways to transform complex business problems into dynamic, reusable feature sets for the TAP platform.

Ben Bogin | Director of Solutions/Professional Services

Ben Bogin

Director of Solutions and Pro Services

Ben is a problem solver. He is responsible for building workflows for clients and enjoys creatively solving complex automation challenges. He works closely with clients to make sure that workflows are built quickly and to their satisfaction. When he’s not building workflows, he can be found tinkering with HTML and thinking about ways to provide the best customer experience.

Dani Dayan | VP of Sales-Public Sector

Dani Dayan

Head of Account Management

Dani heads up ThinkSmart’s South African division where he leads the Account Management team, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the South Africa Office. He thrives in high-pressure environments and loves the thrill of building and growing new businesses from the ground up.

Peter Cernak | VP of Sales-Public Sector

Peter Cernak

Lead Developer

In his role as Lead Developer for the ThinkSmart Automation Platform, Peter works closely with the TAP system architect, Operations, and the business teams to ensure that new features are developed to specification and that the system is well-maintained and secure at all times.

“TAP is such an innovative and high-quality product that I have fun working with it every day! I look forward to each new use case to provide a novel challenge that I can solve with TAP.”

Cole Stewart
Professional Services Consultant