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Can You ‘Single Source’ Digital Transformation for Government?

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Can You ‘Single Source’ Digital Transformation for Government?

One challenge for government and public sector IT leaders trying to plan (and budget) for “digital transformation” is sorting through the complexities they see. For any organization with leaner resources than those of global corporations or Federal bureaucracies, and who can’t devote 24/7 attention to analyzing all the options, it may look like transformation will have to be either a slow and iterative process or a wholesale rip-and-replace. The truth? As usual, it’s somewhere in between.

ZDNet recently profiled the “journey” of three CIOs, each concerned with applying digital transformation to a different aspect of their organization. For the city of White Plains, New York, it was about finding an integrated, holistic means of sharing data, assets and workflows among multiple departments and agencies. For the Dallas Stars, an NHL team, creating better communication and transparency was the goal. And the San Diego Tourism Authority wanted to retire legacy systems and consolidate tools and employee interaction while reducing IT expenditures.

Three different needs; in each case, as you’d assume, they found a different solution provider. But it begs the question: Could an organization pressed to solve all three of these needs–or more–be able to find a single platform capable of doing the task?

That desire for a single solution to provide flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to meet a variety of challenges is a reasonable one. But “digital transformation” can seem a Gordian knot of adoption hurdles, competing technologies, and vying vendors.

Repair the DNA to solve the symptoms

The way organizations can solve all of the issues profiled by ZDNet, and more besides, isn’t by attacking these challenges separately. They’re each a symptom of deeper dysfunctions.

Can You 'Single Source' Digital Transformation for Government?The answer is about digitally transforming their basic operational DNA, the processes and workflows underlying everything they do. We’ve seen it time and again with our government and corporate customers alike: by putting a flexible, customizable tool for workflow and process automation in their hands, organizations find ways to solve a brace of problems, usually by their own innovation.

So, yes, it’s possible to “single source” digital transformation by knowing where to best apply transformational technologies within the enterprise. That requires choosing a platform adaptable enough to suit your own processes and workplace culture, without forcing your organization to conform to the platform by compromising its spirit or mission.

Efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and response times are accelerated even as costs are reduced.  Accomplished by using a single platform, yes, but more importantly, by using the right platform to enhance the most fundamental aspect of your operations: its processes. By transforming those, you realize another, even more important transformational benefit: unlocking the real potential of the people who are committed to the real work at hand.