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Advanced Workflows

Automate even the most complicated business processes.

ThinkSmart Advanced Workflow™ solutions

For easily automating your most demanding workflows.

There’s no workflow too complex, intricate or challenging for our ThinkSmart Advanced Workflow™ (AWF) solutions.  Certain processes may involve a higher level of sophistication or integration, but with AWF you’ll tackle them with ease, while enjoying all the best-in-class benefits of ThinkSmart workflow automation.

You’ll design and manage them with the same ease and control our TAP platform gives you for automating less-complex processes – accelerating completion, eliminating human errors, deleting delays, slashing costs and optimizing efficiency and productivity across the board.

Advanced Workflow™ Features

ThinkSmart AWF is richly equipped, straight out of the box, with all the tools you’ll need for taming your most difficult and involved processes:

  • Intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop workflow and form design tools allow you to create and publish advanced workflows with ease.
  • Ability to embed best practices and compliance measures at any stage of any workflow.
  • Centralized library for saving form and document templates, clauses and other assets for later use or customization.
  • Seamless API integration with legacy software systems and existing infrastructure, as well as third-party apps and platforms.
  • Centralized, customizable dashboards for oversight and optimization of all workflows.
  • Customizable workflow analytics, visualization, and reporting tools.
  • Automated archiving of workflows, assets and complete audit trails.
  • Collaboration tools for engaging internal staff, outside counsel and others at relevant workflow stages, including joint editing of documents.
  • Automated notifications and alerts to drive timely workflow participant engagement and action.

Advanced Workflow™ Benefits

You’ll benefit in multiple ways from employing ThinkSmart AWF to automate complex workflows:

  • Quickly design, publish, manage and optimize even highly elaborate workflows.
  • A short learning curve means workflow launches and ROI happen in days or weeks, not months.
  • Complex workflows are executed far faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Human errors in complicated processes are vastly reduced or eliminated.
  • Embedded best practices and compliance rules minimize risk and penalties.
  • Integration with legacy systems avoids rip-and-replace and extends the lifespan of software investments.
  • Centralized oversight with workflow analytics improve process optimization and enterprise governance.
  • Automated archiving ensures compliance with regulations, enterprise policies or other guidelines.
  • Precise routing and automatic notifications improve team engagement and process speed.

Advanced Workflow™ Integrations

Since it’s SaaS, AWF can integrate smoothly with your existing systems and third-party applications.  We provide a wide range of integrations with leading platforms and apps straight out of the box. Visit our Technology Partners page to see the full range of integrations available.

Can’t find a platform or app you’re currently using, or would like to use? Our Customer Support team will happily work with you to create a custom integration.

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