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Process Made Perfect? 4 Expert POVs on Legal Workflow Automation

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Process Made Perfect? 4 Expert POVs on Legal Workflow Automation

Mitratech and CLOC held a webinar featuring some of the outstanding leaders in Legal Ops recently, and they had a lot to say about legal workflow automation and its impact on their own operations.

The webinar, Process Automation Made Perfect, started off with Mitratech’s Steven O’Donnell, Head of Product Marketing, Legal Operations at Mitratech, delivering a live demo on how to create a legal workflow using TAP Workflow Automation.

From there, this blue-chip panel ranged over a lot of territory surrounding legal workflow automation, sharing their direct experiences in adopting TAO, then designing and implementing legal workflows. Best of all, they were each able to explain the very true benefits workflow automation has delivered for their organizations.

Legal Workflow Automation Webinar Participants

Just a few of the choice comments they had to share?

Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO at Keesal, Young & Logan, was straight to the point:

“Workflow automation today is fundamental to running legal like a business.”

As Emily Teuben, Senior Legal Operations Manager at NetApp, note:

“Once you touch the technology you can’t stop finding use-cases. We’re now deployed in seven departments and that has been growing rapidly over the past year or so.”

Connie Brenton, Senior Director of Legal Operations at NetApp and Chairman of the Board of CLOC, framed it all with a larger perspective on how legal workflow automation…

“…is a “technology solution that solves complex problems between multidisciplinary teams in an easy way. It’s one of the few that can be used across the entire legal ecosystem, especially between the in-house legal teams and the law firms that help enable them.”

Check out the entire webinar on legal workflow automation

This all-star panel covered much more, delivering invaluable, real-world-tested insights about workflow automation software. You can explore of them by following the link below and view the recorded webinar, free of charge, from Mitratech.

Webinar on Demand: Process Automation Made Perfect