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TAP is now
a Mitratech solution

Please check out TAP’s fresh new product pages using the link.

Design workflows and smart forms quickly using our drag-and-drop workflow automation platform.

Make workflows smart

Design even complex workflows and forms with drag-and-drop simplicity, then watch them drive collaboration and digital transformation.

Design any workflow using drag-and-drop tools

Public and execute processes quickly with our workflow automation software.

Make workflows fast

Launch workflows with plug-and-play ease in just hours or days, then stand back as people get more done in a fraction of the time.

Launch workflows with ease

Our workflow software allows quick customization to fit your exact needs.

Make workflows yours

Customize workflows so they fit your needs, your culture, your clients and customers. Not the other way around.

Customize workflows to your specific needs

How it works:

Simple drag-and-drop tools let you quickly design even the most complex workflows and forms.

Easily build logic and rules, define permissions and security, and add integrated e-signatures at any step.

Publish workflows to any location, even your websites, then track them through every stage to optimize performance.

Learn how easily TAP can improve your workflows by replacing repetitive, manual operations.
Define your workflow easily with TAP workflow automation software.
Apply your rules using easily with our workflow automation platform.

Is workflow automation worth it?

With ThinkSmart’s best-in-class workflow automation platform, you’ll see immediate ROI from Digital Transaction Management.



Number of workflows in a mid-to-large enterprise.

saved per workflow


Average cost in work hours saved via workflow automation.

saved in the last year


Potential cost savings using ThinkSmart’s workflow automation platform.

People love what we bring to work

Here’s what users say about workflow automation using the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP).

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    “TAP empowers us to quickly streamline and automate business processes that are complex, repetitive, or time consuming. Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services reduces the time it takes to get a document signed. Together, the possibilities are endless.“

    Yuka Tzavaras
    Senior Manager, Legal Operations

    “You’re losing money if you aren’t using this tool! I can’t say enough wonderful things about TAP as a solution and ThinkSmart as a company.”

    Emily Teuben
    Senior Legal Operations Manager

    “IT departments would do well to adopt TAP for a standardized, cost-effective approach to the many use cases for internal clients that can drive huge efficiencies through self-service options.”

    Jeff Franke
    Senior Director of Global Legal Ops

    “I love ThinkSmart’s Wizard feature. It split our long HR on boarding process into manageable sections, providing a way better experience for our new hires.”

    Fred O’ Fiesh
    Vice President